Do you have FREE Wifi for patients to use?

YES! Please ask our office staff for the password. We want you to be able to multi-task while you wait, we realize your time is valuable!!

What insurances do you take?
Please see a list of common insurances we take by visiting our Insurance page. You may also contact our office to see if we are on your insurance plan!
How do I refill medications?

If you need a refill of a medication please call your pharmacy and have them fax over a request to 602-843-2310. You must schedule an appointment for any mail order prescriptions.

How can I request medication or dose changes?

All medication changes including dose adjustments require an appointment. Please contact our office to schedule at: 602-843-2300

I need a referral to a specialist, what do I do?

We request that all patients needing a referral to see a specialist schedule an appointment with our providers. Please call our office to schedule.

What happens after I complete my labwork / imaging ordered by my medical provider?

Once we have your lab or imaging results one of our providers will review them and contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss these results. We do not discuss lab or imaging results over the telephone.